FRENZY hits the charts

May 10th, 2010 • Posted in: News

Before its release, Frenzy reached #1 on’s bestselling teen pre-orders. And since hitting stores, it has consistently place in the Top 50 Teen Adventure and Thriller Books at Brick-and-mortar stores are also reporting brisk sales. Thank you, readers!

Dreamhouse Kings movie news

May 10th, 2010 • Posted in: News

While the details are still under wraps, I can report that a movie version of the Dreamhouse Kings is building steam in Hollywood. One of the producers and screenwriter is Eric Garcia, whose latest silver screen credit was as the screenwriter of Repo Men, staring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. He also wrote the book on which Matchstick Men, staring Nicolas Cage, was based. Eric really “gets” the story and has big ideas for getting all the action, suspense, and characters of the story into the movie. Nothing in Hollywood is a sure bet until you’re actually watching it in the theater, but I’m hopeful.

June 1, 2010, update: Just returned from Hollywood, where I met with Eric and the producers. Everything is still on track. Hoping to get some kinks worked out soon, so we can take it to the level.

When the Kings move to a small town in northern California, they have no idea of the adventures—and terrors—waiting for them. Fifteen-year old Xander and his twelve-year-old brother David make a game of exploring the old Victorian home they move into. One night, they discover an intruder and follow him to a hidden hallway of doors. Each door transports them to far off places in long-ago times.