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May 10th, 2010

While the details are still under wraps, I can report that a movie version of the Dreamhouse Kings is building steam in Hollywood. One of the producers and screenwriter is Eric Garcia, whose latest silver screen credit was as the screenwriter of Repo Men, staring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. He also wrote the book on which Matchstick Men, staring Nicolas Cage, was based. Eric really “gets” the story and has big ideas for getting all the action, suspense, and characters of the story into the movie. Nothing in Hollywood is a sure bet until you’re actually watching it in the theater, but I’m hopeful.

June 1, 2010, update: Just returned from Hollywood, where I met with Eric and the producers. Everything is still on track. Hoping to get some kinks worked out soon, so we can take it to the level.

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  1. February 18th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    Thank you, Amanda!

  2. February 18th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    I’ve always planned to write another Dreamhouse series. Right now, because my obligations to write adult thrillers have pushed the time out on another series, I’m considering a SEVENTH Dreamhouse book.

  3. February 21st, 2013Emily Blake say:

    I think Robert that you should make a seventh book. It should say if the Kings do save the world and such.

  4. March 6th, 2013Morgan L say:

    I would really like to see the movie!! When is it coming out?! I love your books Robert!!!! Can’t wait for the seventh!!!!!!!

  5. March 7th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    HI, Morgan! The movie is progressing slowly…not sure when it’ll be out; I hope it’ll be before the kids the producers want to play Xander, David & Toria are old enough to play Jesse, Dad & Nana!

  6. March 11th, 2013Gabriela Cedraz say:

    The idea of the seventh book is awesome!!! I have been so worried – I’m reading the series – about if when I finish reading it, I will not be able to stop thinking about it. It’s like the books are the portals itself! It calls you to read it and once you star, you can’t stop anymore! If there is a seventh book, I will read it and then beg for an eighth boot and do the same on and on till I get tired of asking for more books- if that’s possible!

  7. March 12th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    Thanks, Gabriela!

  8. April 6th, 2013Liv say:

    A seventh book would be beyond amazing! I never grow tired of reading these books! I completely agree with Gabriela. I almost want to read as slow as possible so that i wouldn’t finish the series very quickly, but i can never put any of the books down, no matter how many times I have read them! I have always wondered since I finished the last book about a year ago, what other adventures do the Kings have afterwards??? I would LOVE to have a seventh book come out to reveal that! And even though the movie may not be coming out for a while, I know that every day that goes by gets closer and closer to the release of the movie!

  9. April 9th, 2013Talia say:

    Who are the actors they’re thinking?

  10. April 13th, 2013Liv say:

    A question about the soundtrack of the movie: Will the soundtrack that is displayed here on the website such as “The Kingmaker” and “First Victim” be included in the soundtrack of the movie (or maybe just be considered to be)? I think that those songs by Lavalle and Maiocco really do get you to connect the songs to the situations that the Kings are going through in the book.

  11. April 13th, 2013Mackenzie say:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! A seventh book would be amazing! I sometimes am driven crazy by the fact that there are no more books to read after the sixth! I do love how the sixth ends, leaving your imagination to create the possible adventures that the Kings will experience next since they obviously do have a lot more to do to fix the future. However, I miss the Kings!!! PLEASE! A seventh book would make my life complete!

  12. April 13th, 2013Alex say:

    A seventh book would mean the world to me and soooo many others! I miss Xander and Dae soooo much!

  13. April 14th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    Hi, Liv…no, the studio has plans to do their own soundtrack.

  14. April 14th, 2013Liv say:

    Okay- Thank you!

  15. May 16th, 2013Kaylee say:

    When will the movie come out?;)

  16. May 24th, 2013Anna say:

    I was so sad when I finished the series but I was happy that they finally got Mom back. I’m so excited for the movie to come out!! I love the series so much. There’s just the right mix of action and mystery as to what will happen next. Super excited!! Great job with the books Robert!!

  17. June 2nd, 2013Darcy say:

    No! They can’t make the movie yet! I’m a fifteen year old future film-maker and I want to make it! Just give me a few years…

  18. June 24th, 2013Emily Ruth say:

    Oh my goodness. I’ve never been one to enjoy reading or anything..but all these books are definetly enjoyable. I’m seriously like obsessing over them. I’m really looking forward to the movie. I hope it lives up to the books! Do you have any idea at all when the movie will hit the theaters?

  19. July 7th, 2013Chris say:

    When is the movie coming? Is it going to be all the books crammed into one or a series of movies?

  20. July 7th, 2013Chris say:

    And I forgot to mention that the first book of yours I read was Germ, which was absolutely amazing. Also a huge fan of Comes a Horseman. I’m looking forward to adding more of your books to my collection.

  21. July 19th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    =) Darcy, the way the producers are going, you may get a chance at the movie. It’s taking a long time to get off the ground.

  22. July 19th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    Thank you, Chris!

  23. July 19th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    Chris and Emily: I’ve decided to stop trying to guess when the movie(s) will be made—it’s been on-again/off-again for years! It took “Ender’s Game” 25 years to make it to the big screen, so I better not hold my breath for Dreamhouse Kings =) But there are some very talented and powerful people who want to see the series made into movies, so I still have hope. Chris, right now, they’re thinking two or three movies to cover the series, with the first movie focusing on House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods.

  24. August 7th, 2013Liv say:

    I’ll keep checking for updates and keeping the hope of a movie coming soon! I know it may take a while, but as long as some people out there are working on it becoming a movie, I can wait a little while. I’m so excited and I give the possible movies the best of luck

  25. August 9th, 2013Katie say:

    Hi Robert! I absolutely LOVE the books, I’ve read each one 3times except for the first one, I read 4! I’m very interested in the movie! Is there any more news that you can share about it? How’s it all going and is there a predicted time it will be out? I can’t wait!!!!

  26. August 14th, 2013Robert Liparulo say:

    Hi, Katie: No news regarding the movie. They’re still trying to get it funded—even big studios are having a hard time these days. Sometimes it seems like one step forward, two steps back. If you’re not already on my mailing list, please do sign up < http://conta.cc/RLsignup>. I send out email newsletters about once every other month, and they’ll keep you informed about what’s happening and what’s coming down the pike.

  27. August 22nd, 2013Gabi Mirabella say:

    I absolutely LOVE the books! I really want the movie to come out, but only if it’s accurate. If it’s not accurate, I’ll pay double to remake on in, like, ten years,and I WILL make it accurate.

  28. September 13th, 2013Mariah say:

    I have read the whole series I absolutely love them im 12 and my birthday was august 20th and I started to look in the library and found this book I have read them all and I wouls love to see the movie I hope its like the book

  29. September 14th, 2013Mariah say:

    my birthday is august 20th and that day I went to the school library and found this book. I love this series I finished them all its 8:23 am in warner Oklahoma and I just finished frenzy <3. I can't wait till the movie comes out.

  30. September 19th, 2013Liv say:

    Is there still hope for a possible maybe 7th book? That would be beyond amazing

  31. September 22nd, 2013Ashlyn say:

    Oh how I would love a 7th book *.* I love this book seires a lot C: and I cant wait till the movie comes out but I don’t want it to be different in the movie than the book :/

  32. October 2nd, 2013Abigail say:

    Hello Robert! I was so excited when I found your books! Especially when I saw that you knew Ted Dekker! I read quite fast, and finished the series in about…a week and a half? Maybe less! I read at least one almost everyday! I sucked in EVERY single word! I love it. I’m a huge mystery/suspense fan, and your series was just right for my taste! I wasn’t fully prepared for some of the gory aspects, but it absolutely THRILLED me when I got to those parts. In the last book, I was so amazed by what you did with Jesus in the story. I can’t get enough! I actually cried when I thought David was dead.. (Whoops, I’m a sucker for fictional characters) I was so disappointed the series ended, but it went out with a bang! Can’t wait for the movie.

    Much love,
    Your biggest 13 year old fan ~ Abigail :)

  33. November 8th, 2013Asia say:

    Is there any news on the movie? Sometimes it’s so hard to find things on the Internet these days. Also, is there chance we’ll get a seventh book in the Dreamhouse Kings series?
    By the way, I have finished the first three books in the series and I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you for writing these!

  34. December 10th, 2013Savannah Yasharian say:

    Hey….. I really cant wait till the movie comes out me and my sisters have read the whole seires 3 times

  35. April 13th, 2014Jenne say:

    I have read the whole series and I LOVE them! Is there any chance we’ll get a seventh book in the Dreamhouse Kings series? And is there a movie coming? Thanks and greetings from Belgium!

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