Dream the Scene

Tell me where in time the Kings should go and what they find there and you could win an iPod Nano!

With more Dreamhouse Kings stories in the works, I need your help! Let me know where in history you think the Kings should wind up when they go through a portal and a brief description of what they find or what happens to them there. If I choose your idea and write it into a story, you win an iPod Nano and a mention in the book as the one who came up with the idea.

• You don’t have to actually write the scene. Just tell me in your own words what your idea is, and I’ll do the writing. Communicate your idea any way you like: in sentences, a list of thoughts, even an illustration.

• Give me as many details as possible, because if I choose an idea that more than one person suggested, the person who gave me the most details I could use will be the winner.

• The idea has to be one that I haven’t already outlined for the Dreamhouse Kings stories. You’ll have to trust me on this one; I won’t use an idea that came to me through this contest without giving credit (and an iPod) where credit is due.

• You don’t have to read the books to enter, but it helps: If you can work into your idea some of the characters’ traits (such as David’s love of soccer and his soft heart for people), your chances improve.

• You can submit as many ideas as you’d like.

• I’ll choose at least three winners in 2011 and the first half of 2012 and contact them through email. I’ll announce the winners in my e-newsletters. You can sign up to receive them by clicking here.

Here are some examples of ideas from previous winners:

These two appear in Timescape: Joshua Ruark (age 13) suggested that David and Xander portal back to medieval England during a Viking raid—with warrior Berkshires coming after them. And Katie O’Dell (also 13) said that David should go through a portal and hind himself on the Titanic as it’s sinking. Joshua and Katie received iPod Nanos for these ideas.

Eleven-year-old Tanner Barrett won an iPod Nano for suggesting that the Kings find themselves facing Hannibal’s army in the Alps. It’s a scene I wrote into Whirlwind. What David and Xander do there is as wild and crazy as being there in the first place.

So where do you think the Kings should go? Use the form below to let me know.

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First, in just a few words, where do they go? (Example: "1863, Civil War")

Now for the details: Where in time should the Kings go and what do they find there?

Note: While I try to reply to all correspondence, the number of “Dream the Scene” entries I receive makes it impossible to respond to each one. Rest assured, I will receive it and read it. If I choose your entry as a winner, I’ll notify you via email, as well as announce it on Facebook and in my newsletters.

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When the Kings move to a small town in northern California, they have no idea of the adventures—and terrors—waiting for them. Fifteen-year old Xander and his twelve-year-old brother David make a game of exploring the old Victorian home they move into. One night, they discover an intruder and follow him to a hidden hallway of doors. Each door transports them to far off places in long-ago times.

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